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irc::Transport Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def irc_cannotsend
def irc_chanmode
def irc_ctcp
def irc_doquit
def irc_error
def irc_join
def irc_kick
def irc_leaveroom
def irc_message
def irc_mode
def irc_newconn
def irc_newroom
def irc_nick
def irc_nicknameinuse
def irc_nosuchchannel
def irc_nosuchnick
def irc_notregistered
def irc_part
def irc_quit
def irc_redirect
def irc_sendctcp
def irc_sendnick
def irc_sendroom
def irc_settopic
def irc_topic
def irc_welcome
def irc_whoreply
def register_handlers
def test_inuse
def xmpp_base_disco
def xmpp_disconnect
def xmpp_iq_agents
def xmpp_iq_browse
def xmpp_iq_discoinfo
def xmpp_iq_discoitems
def xmpp_iq_mucadmin_get
def xmpp_iq_mucadmin_set
def xmpp_iq_mucowner_get
def xmpp_iq_mucowner_set
def xmpp_iq_register_get
def xmpp_iq_register_set
def xmpp_iq_version
def xmpp_message
def xmpp_presence

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string faddr = '%s%%%s@%s'
tuple m = Presence(to=conn.fromjid,typ='available',frm = '%s/%s' %(faddr,each))
tuple p = t.addChild(name='item',attrs=conn.memberlist[event.target().lower()][each])
tuple t = m.addChild(name='x',namespace=NS_MUC_USER)
dictionary users = {}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 208 of file irc.py.

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